Expert Pond and Fountain Repair Services

Professional Pond and Fountain Repairs for Backyard and Commercial Settings

Swift and expert repairs are crucial when your backyard sanctuary or commercial water feature faces issues. At Orange Pond, we specialize in backyard and commercial koi pond repair, ensuring that your aquatic feature returns to its optimal condition with minimal downtime.

Keep Calm and Koi On

Why Trust Us with Your Pond and Fountain Repairs?

With years of experience in water feature maintenance and a team of highly skilled technicians, we understand the intricacies of both residential and commercial pond systems. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that every repair job is performed precisely and carefully.

Our Services


Fountain Repair

  • Water Pump Repairs

    Quick fixes for faulty pumps to restore water flow and fountain operation.

  • Lighting System Repairs

    Enhancements and energy-efficient upgrades for fountain lighting systems.

  • Structural and Aesthetic Repairs

    Efficient repair of cracks, chips, and wear to maintain your fountain’s beauty and integrity.


      Backyard Koi Pond Repair

      • Leak Detection and Repair:

        Utilizing advanced technology, we quickly identify and fix leaks, preventing water loss and structural damage.

      • Pump and Filtration System Repairs:

        Ensuring your filtration system operates efficiently is crucial for water clarity and the health of your pond ecosystem.

      • Algae Control and Remediation:

        We address excessive algae growth, restoring the natural balance of your pond.


      Commercial Koi Pond Repair

      • Structural Repairs

        We tackle everything from resurfacing to rebuilding sections of your commercial ponds to ensure they are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

      • Advanced Filtration Solutions

        Commercial systems demand robust filtration solutions. We upgrade and repair commercial-grade filters to enhance water quality and reduce maintenance needs.

      • Health Checks for Aquatic Life

        Regular health assessments of koi and other aquatic species to ensure they thrive in their environment.


      Orang Pond Service

      How often should my pond be inspected for potential issues?

      We recommend a professional inspection at least once a year, but more frequent checks may be necessary depending on the age and condition of your pond.

      What are the signs that my pond needs immediate repair?

      Water levels dropping swift, murky water, or inactive, unhealthy fish indicate that your pond needs immediate attention.

      Can repairs be made without draining my pond completely?

      Many repairs, especially minor leaks, and filtration issues, can be addressed without fully draining your pond, minimizing disruption to your aquatic life.

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